Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Started

In the coming weeks I want to give you some guidelines and principles that I have learned in the five years I have been making jewelry.

Jesus gave an illustration in the New Testament that teaches before a man begins to build a building he should sit down and consider whether or not he has the resources to finish the building. That's a really great principle.

When we decide to take on a new task, whether it is a responsibility, a job, a new business, or even a marriage, we should sit down and think through whether or not we have the resources necessary to succeed. If you are wanting to start a jewelry business consider the following.

Consider the Cost
It costs a lot of money to start a jewelry business that will offer more than five or 10 necklaces at your first show or in your online shop. I recall when I was first starting I had not yet purchased any beads. I heard about the Gem and Jewelry Show in Chicago so decided that would be a great place to buy supplies and beads. I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed by the hundreds of tables filled with every kind of bead imaginable. I didn't know where to start! Someone told me they thought I could get started for $1,000. What a laugh! I spent nearly $1,000 at that show and walked out with a few small bags of beads. It was enough to get started making jewelry but it was not enough to start a business! The start up of our jewelry business required much more than $1,000 cash because we made the decision to make quality jewelry using the best quality beads, sterling silver, and components we could find. If you are contemplating starting a jewelry business, consider the cost.


sewmelody said...

This is a beautiful beginning, Jane!

renybird said...

I saw you on Etsy and had to visit your blog. Your jewelry is beautiful and your words are full of wisdom. It is so refreshing to me to see Christians in the marketplace. Blessings~