Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Women's Health Issues

For several years I suffered a myriad of health issues. I had no idea what was wrong and continued to get more and more frustrated as physicians, even at major medical centers, told me there was nothign wrong with me. It was in my head. I was in pain, experienced horrible fatigue, and sometimes didn't think I could make it up the steps to our bedroom when I got home at the end of a day. I had no idea that my issues were hormone issues.
I began praying and begging God for answers. He heard me and led me to a Christian physician who gave me incredible help. It was then I realized I need to take more responsibility for my health and began to do research. I read dozens of books, listened to tapes and CDs and attended seminars. It has been a slow journey, and I am still not completely back 100%. However, I never dreamed I could lose weight, have energy, and live a normal lifestyle with a full schedule again.
I have written a book entitled, Feeling Great and Looking Good for the Cause of Christ. in which I share the principles that have helped me to regain my health. I have written seven books. By far, I have had more response from this book than any other. At conferences where I speak ladies come to me in tears and tell me they have their life back because they have followed the principles in my book.
If you are suffering with health issues I am sorry for you. I want you to feel good again, have energy, have a clear mind, and be able to function and do the work God has for you on this earth. You can purchase this book at our new Etsy shop, www.graftonpublications.etsy.com. God bless you, dear reader. I trust this book will be a help and a blessing to you.

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